Square Footage for Commercial Property

Commercial Multi-Units

The square footage of a unit within a Multi-Unit building could be more or less than the actual physical space of the unit. How can that be? It begins with the county assessors office they categorize a parcel in two groups, Improved or Unimproved. Improved is the building. Their measurements are rounded to the nearest foot and measured from outside wall to outside wall, another term they use is drip edge to drip edge . For a one-story commercial multi unit property located in the Inland Empire most likely you will be paying for all of the wall space. The shell (exterior) walls and the demising (between units) walls.

Office Space

In office space you might come across the terms “net” and “gross” when dealing with office space. They are the same terms used for types of leases but have a different meaning when it comes to space. Some multi-unit offices have halls, elevators, entrances that people use for accessing the offices. The “net” space would be your usable office space while the “gross” is the entire building. You need to verify what actual square footage you are going to be paying for. The common denominator in this industry is how pricing is advertised. Offices are priced per square foot. So if you are comparing pricing you also need to measure for square footage. One office could be more cost psf (per square foot) however your physical spaced used could be larger than the competition. 

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